Four years ago, I published my first book. I had no expectations. All I wanted was a book written by me on my bookshelf. Today I published my fourteenth book. That is crazy, crazy awesome. I started writing this book almost 5 years ago. My life has changed in so many ways since then. But, in a lot of ways it’s still the same.

I still live in the same house and pester Seth with DIY projects. I still can’t cook but enjoy to bake. I still can’t follow a knitting pattern to save my life. But, the ways it has changed are all fantastic.

Now, I have friends around the globe. Now, I have books written by me in foreign languages. Now, I have stories in my head that I look forward to writing. Now, I’m part of a community that celebrates books and loves them as much as I do.

I want to thank you, if you’re seeing this post for being a part of my journey.


People here think they know me.

They assume things about me because of the way I dress and my tattoos.

I am so much more.

I thought you saw that.

So, I let you in.

You made it easy to fall for you.

Turns out I was the only one falling.

I hope you’re happy.

No, that’s a lie and you’re better than I am at telling those.