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Why Lie? Cover Reveal

I am so excited to share with you the cover for Why Lie? which is releasing on September 12th! This gorgeous cover was created by Sarah Hansen at Okay Creations.

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Why Lie?

People here think they know me.
They assume things about me because of the way I dress and my tattoos.
I am so much more.

I thought you saw that.

So, I let you in.
You made it easy to fall for you.
Turns out I was the only one falling.
I hope you’re happy.
No, that’s a lie and you’re better than I am at telling those.

The Carolina Days Series has a new look and is on SALE!

I am so excited to share the new covers for the Carolina Days Series! These beautiful covers were created by Cassy Roop of Pink Ink Designs. Get the books at these limited time SALE PRICES!!!

The Other Side of Someday (.99cents) Amazon | Nook
Yesterday’s Half Truths ($1.99) Amazon | Nook
Chasing Daylight ($2.99) Amazon | Nook

The Other Side of Someday (Book 1)

Falling in love? Courtney Grayson has been there, done that.

Men, who needs them? Love wasn’t everything she thought it would be. This time around she’s doing things differently. She hasn’t sworn off men for good, just isn’t interested in settling. Trusting someone with her heart again? Someday, but not today.

Falling in love? Sorry, Clay Bradshaw is not the guy for you.

He’s never been in love and he doesn’t see it happening. Hooking up can be fun, but more often than not, women are a distraction he doesn’t need. He’s a busy man, and doesn’t have time to date, let alone fall in love. Will someone ever change that? There’s always a chance, someday.

Life doesn’t always go as planned, and love may find them both on the other side of someday.

Yesterday's Half Truths (Book 2)

She never thought it would go this far.

It started out so innocently, but now has taken on a life of its own. Problem is, Lindsay Palmer doesn’t know how to stop. Even worse, she doesn’t want to stop. Her daily deceit has become both her greatest pleasure and deepest shame. Thousands of people love her, but would they if they knew the truth.

A simple favor for his baby sister brings Lindsay into Luke Jamieson’s life. There’s something about this girl that keeps her on his mind hours and days after each time they meet. Now here he is, falling in love with a liar. All he wants is for her to let him in, and maybe together he can lead her out of the cage of her own construction.

Will the truth set her free, or have her lies already destroyed everything?

Chasing Daylight (Book 3)

Mitch Brooks exists day to day by keeping the world around him at arms length. There is no going back to the man he once was. That man was broken in a way there’s no fixing. Any hope outside of that is nothing but wishful thinking, until he meets her.

McKenzie Williams needed an escape. The last thing she needed was a scary beautiful man beating down her door in the middle of the night. Now, if only their paths would stop crossing, she could convince herself she didn’t feel a connection to him. Life has shown her the dreams she once held dear will never come true for her.

Mitch struggles to get past the walls he’s built around himself while McKenzie works to build hers brick by brick. When the outside world exposes the vulnerabilities in his façade she abandons her own fears to stand by him. Will she be the one to save him from the darkness within him, or will he forever be chasing daylight?

Him & Her Series Summer SALE!

I am having a HUGE summer SALE on my Him & Her series for a limited time! 

Him (Book 1)

Sarah Miller hasn’t been home in seven years. She thought she could stay away forever. If it wasn’t for her big brother’s wedding, that is. Part of her even feels silly for staying away this long. It’s not like anyone even knew what happened. Well, except for him.

That guy. The one she compared all others to. The one who set the bar so high no other guy after him could even compete. The one who made her feel like anything was possible. The one she thought she would never be good enough for. The one she spent the last seven years trying to forget.

All she needs to do is make it through the next week without running into him.

Her (Book 2)

You know her side of the story, now learn his.

“It was useless. I felt branded beneath my skin by a girl who left without even saying goodbye.”

When Will Price was assigned a partner for a sixth grade class project he had no idea she would become his best friend. After years of friendship, she eventually became so much more. Then, one day she left with no explanation.

Will’s life shattered right before his eyes and he was left alone to pick up the pieces. Floundering, Will must figure out a way to carry on, to find a way to exist without her.

Seven years later, a chance encounter leaves him desperate to get her back. He has one week to make her his again. Not everyone gets a second chance with the love of their life and Will is determined to never lose her again.

Them (Book 3)

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes…

As Will and Sarah Price settle into being Mr. & Mrs., they meet a stumbling block neither of them anticipated. All of their friends are starting families of their own, but not them, and not for lack of trying.

For them, their dreams of a happily-ever-after always included a baby. While Sarah struggles with the fear that her love isn’t enough, Will worries that she gave up too much for him. Neither knows what to expect when they’re not expecting.

Together, they’ll learn that there is more than one way to build a family.


Him is FREE – http://amzn.to/2a03cWk

Her is $0.99 – http://amzn.to/29S1Hc1

Them is $1.99 – http://amzn.to/2aeWQqP

Sign Ups, Why Lie?, a Giveaway and MORE!

Happy Summer Everyone! I hope everyone has been enjoying the sun and this beautiful weather (most importantly NO SCHOOL!)

I have been working on a bunch of things this summer and would love your help. If you have a blog and would like to help me spread the word about Carolina Days and Why Lie?, please sign up by clicking on the link below! Thank you for all you do!

Carolina Days Series Cover Re-Reveals and Sale Blitz

Why Lie? Cover Reveal and Release Day Blitz Sign Up 

What I'm working on...

Why Lie?

People here think they know me.
They assume things about me because of the way I dress and my tattoos.
I am so much more.

I thought you saw that.

So, I let you in.
You made it easy to fall for you.
Turns out I was the only one falling.
I hope you’re happy. 
No, that’s a lie and you’re better than I am at telling those.

Release Date: September 12th

*Click on the book cover to add Why Lie? to your Goodreads TBR!

Something Cool!

I am featured in the July/August issue of Southern Writers Magazine – I am SO honored! Click on the Magnolia Corner image to visit their website.


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Him/Her/ Them Bonus Scene: Valentine’s Day


“Are you going to tell me where we’re going?” I ask, stretching my seatbelt across me and clicking it shut.

Will is behind, getting Chloe situated in her booster seat.

He looks up at me and grins. “Nope, it’s a surprise.”

Scrunching my face I huff and stare out the front windshield. I love that man more than life itself but surprises annoy the shit out of me. I’m a planner and a list maker.

All I know is wherever we’re going we’re spending the night. Since Will packed for all three of us, I’m one hundred percent in the dark.

The drive out of Atlanta is nice. Last week there was an ice storm that made getting around town a disaster. We live close to Will’s school, not that it mattered since they were closed due to the ice. It was fun having both him and Chloe around during the day, even though they were distracting at times. Still, it can get lonely working from home.

We seem to be driving against traffic. Will has the radio set to some sports channel while Chloe watches a movie on his iPad. The morning sun glimmers through the window and I search for my sunglasses. The past week has been so gray, it’s nice to see blue skies and the sun again.

It’s still cold outside, the temperature dipping to or below freezing every night. My fingers are crossed Will is taking us someplace warm. It sucks that I’ll have to wait until we’re there to find out the surprise. He’s lucky he’s so cute.

Turning my head, I look in his direction. He needs a haircut but I don’t mind it when his hair gets a bit shaggy. It reminds me of the way he wore his hair when I fell in love with him all those years ago. He’ll always be that for me.

As if sensing my gaze, he glances in my direction and takes one hand from the steering wheel to reach for mine. If she was paying attention, Chloe would probably tease us for holding hands. If we kiss in front of her she hides her face and makes gagging noises. Good times.

Will enjoys her reactions so much, he kisses me every chance he gets. She’s totally absorbed in her movie though, so our PDA goes unnoticed. They say you end up marrying someone like your father if you’re a girl. That would be my greatest hope for our daughter. Will is and will always be my dream man.

He’s so thoughtful and attentive. Even though surprises drive me nuts he goes out of his way to let me know how important I am to him and how much he loves me.

My attention turns back to the highway when Will turns off. Too slow to turn my head, I missed the exit we took.

“Still not sure where we are?” He teases.

Twisting my lips I look out my window to try and place where we are.

“Ugh. No,” I groan, making him laugh.

“Are we close?” I ask, hoping for a hint.

He nods, his eyes still on the road. “We should be there in less than fifteen minutes.”

That makes me sit up and look in earnest but still nothing rings a bell.

Chloe turns off the iPad and starts randomly guessing places. “Are we going to the beach?”
“No, Chloebug,” he replies.

“Are we going to see Logan and Amber?”

Will doesn’t reply and I jump in my seat. “Are we? Are we going to visit them?”

After asking that I realize I would have recognized where we were if we were driving to Jacksonville to see them since it’s a car trip we’ve made many times. After graduation, Logan got a great job down there and Amber is going to graduate school nearby so they can be together.

“Are they meeting us somewhere?” I hedge, since Will is still tight lipped.

His nonresponse is answer enough so I turn in my seat to high five Chloe. “We get to see Logan and Amber.”

She’s bouncing in her seat with excitement. She loves her big brother but she absolutely idolizes Amber.

Will pouts, annoyed that we figured out part of his surprise. It’s short lived though, when Chloe and I squeal in delight as he pulls into the parking lot of a heated indoor water park.

“I’ve always wanted to go here,” Chloe cries from the backseat.

“This is the best surprise ever,” I add.

Will grins. “Anything for my girls.”

Together Will and I carry our bags while Chloe skips ahead of us. Once we’re inside the hotel attached to the waterpark, hugs and kisses are exchanged with Logan and Amber. They were waiting for us by registration.

Will gets us checked in, booking two rooms. One room for Logan and Amber and another for Chloe, Will and I. Logan and Amber’s room is cute, all of the rooms have a cabin theme and gas fireplace. It’s a pretty sweet room for a young couple pinching their pennies.

“You are awesome,” I whisper to Will as we walk into our room.

His brows lift. “In general or for anything in particular?”

Popping up on my toes, I press my lips to his. “In general always, but in particular for treating them to that room. They love it.”

“Did you see my cabin?” Chloe shrieks and we both turn to look at her.

Sure enough, in one corner of the room there is a giant wooden replica of a cabin with a set of bunk beds in it.

“Too bad it doesn’t have a door?” I murmur to Will as Chloe goes to investigate her room for the night.

“Don’t you worry Mrs. Price, I have plans for you,” he replies, his hand sliding down my back to give my ass a not so subtle squeeze.

“Can we go to the water park?” Chloe asks, her swimsuit already on.

“How did you get changed so fast?” I ask, now wondering what took her so long to get dressed in the morning.

“Mom,” she groans.

“Let your mom and I get changed and then we’ll head down,” Will replies.

Once we’re all suited up, we meet Logan and Amber in the hall and all head down to the water park. The three of them take off in search of water slides.

Will and I watch them walk away. Once they’re out of sight I turn to face him, my mouth already open to thank him again for the wonderful surprise. I’m completely unprepared when his mouth crashes over mine. I catch up quickly though and melt into him, his arms wrapping tightly around me as he thoroughly kisses me in the middle of a water park.

When he lifts his head he grins down at my dazed expression and bites his lip, something he knows makes my knees weak whenever he does it.

“Happy Valentine’s Day Sarah. Our very first kiss was at a water park, so I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate just how much I love you than doing it again.”



Why Now? is live + A Rad Giveaway = Best Blog Post Ever!

Why Now? Is Live For PreOrder!

Why Now?

He was my everything.
I loved him.
For over twenty years.
And everyone knew, including him.
But he never loved me back.
Not once.
Not ever.
So I moved on.
Until now.
Now he’s back, and wants to make me his.
He’s everything I’ve ever wanted.
I should be happy.
But there’s one problem.
My fiancé.

Release Week Giveaway Time!!

Click the link to enter!