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Fix Her Up & Flip My Life

Love watching home improvement shows?

You’ll want to read these DIY inspired romances!

If Finley Reeves is an expert at anything, it’s making mistakes. She proved this true by falling for and marrying the wrong man. Ten years later all she has to show for it is a divorce… and a broken heart.
Needing not only to get away, but also to start over somewhere new, she buys a fixer upper that’s one step away from being condemned. Deciding to tackle this project alone might be her biggest mistake of all.

That is, until Noah Thompson shows up at her front door like a knight in a shining tool belt. Determined she doesn’t need any help, she pushes him away until he makes her an offer she’d be crazy to refuse.

A fun & sexy Contemporary Romance (age 17+)


Releasing May 25th!

Six years is a long time. People change. Life goes on.
For Elias Hargrove it’s been a time of reflection and growing up. He’d like to think he’s not the same person that walked away from everything, leaving the people closest to him without an explanation. Nonetheless, some reactions are impossible to predict.
Clarke Mayville hasn’t had an easy life. Raised by her elderly grandparents, she fell in love and got pregnant while still in high school. As much as she yearned to get out of town and be something more, life continued to interfere, leaving her a desperate single mother, and broken inside. Finally engaged to a man who could give her everything she needs, a ghost from her past comes walking through the door.

Flip my Life is a Standalone Romance.

Releasing June 1st!

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Lisa N Paul

Author Interview & Spotlight

What inspired you to start writing?

I have always written. But my first book was inspired by a friend.

What is one thing you wish you knew before you published your first book?

Billy Joel wrote a song called, The Entertainer. In that song he explains how it didn’t matter how successful he was at the moment because if he didn’t keep up his momentum, he would be forgotten within seconds. I wish I would have known how difficult it was to keep the momentum going in this industry.

What is your current favorite book? (since I know we all have more than one 🙂 )

Gah!!! That”s such a hard question!! Off the top of my head, I would have to say, Motorcycle Man by the fabulous Kristen Ashley.

Do you have any book signings coming up? (if so, when & where?)

I have one signing in the near future – It’s in Pittsburgh, PA in May 2017

What is one of your secret (or not so secret) obsessions?

French Fries (mmmm)

Book Spotlight!

Thursday Nights (The Charistown Series)

Thursday Nights is the first book in The Charistown Series.

– Synopsis – 

Pain can leave even the strongest of people weak and hollow. But when fate brings two weak souls together, will the love they find mend the fragments that are barely holding them together, or will the weight of their past finally cause them to crumble?
Max DeLucca has spent seven years trying to forget the betrayal of his past. He lives his life from day to day never looking forward and never looking back. The walls around his heart keep anyone from getting too close and prevent him from feeling too much…until he meets her.
Her entire life, Janie Silver searched for the kind of love that wouldn’t leave her broken and more importantly, wouldn’t leave her behind. She longs for a love that can heal the wounds of her past and give her the future she knows she deserves. She thought she was looking for something that just didn’t exist…until she meets him.
Danny’s on Main is where their story begins. A neighborhood bar where strangers become friends, friends become family and some … become lovers
… it all started on Thursday Nights

Family Traditions

When I was a little girl, I would sneak into my parent’s room and play with my mother’s jewelry. With a ring on each of my fingers, and necklaces draped around my neck, I’d stand in front of her mirror in a pair of her heels.

I’d pretend I was all grown up, married to a handsome prince and with a family of my own. In many ways, my childhood daydreams came true. While my husband may not be royalty, he still treats me like a queen and we have three (sometimes) adorable children.

All those years ago, standing in front of my mother’s mirror, I never would have guessed that one of the rings I played dress up with would play a part in my wedding.

My great grandmother was the first owner of our family ring. Her name was Marie-Antoinette (no relation to the one who lost her head), and she was given it in 1908. This ring was a gift from my great grandfather to celebrate the birth of their third child, an old fashioned push present. That child was my grandfather.

The ring, a large sapphire, surrounded by diamonds was passed to my grandmother, Marie-Louise, after my great grandmother’s death in 1964. My grandmother held it for my mother until 1977, and one day my older sister will inherit it.

Our wedding tradition was born in 2000 when my older sister Kimberley was married. The tradition of the family ring piggybacks off of another wedding tradition. Ever heard of something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue?  Well, three out of four ain’t bad.

Since then, my Belgian cousins Benedicte, Charline, and I have each worn the ring in our own weddings. It’s my mother’s wish that our children and their offspring will all have the opportunity to one day have her ring be a part of their weddings.

It made me think, what’s stopping anyone from starting a cool family tradition of their own? Sure, this ring has been in my family for over a hundred years, but our wedding tradition with it is only sixteen years old.

So, if you’re interested in vintage jewelry I found a cool place to check out. Start your family tradition today!

Taryn Plendl

Author Interview & Spotlight

What inspired you to start writing?

I’ve always been a reader and writer, but I never imagined I could put all of the stories in my head to paper. As a busy mom who was trying to keep my household running, taking care of my family, including a child with special needs, and working part-time outside of the home, there just wasn’t much left for only me. One night in 2012, when the house was quiet, I just started writing. It was amazingly cathartic. Writing gives me an identity that is all my own.

What is one thing you wish you knew before you published your first book?

I really wish I knew how important a professional editor was. I published my first book in 2012 after having friends and family “edit” it. Needless to say, it didn’t work well. I ended up having it professionally edited soon after, and would never publish without going through several edits now. It is so important, and believe me, your reader will make sure you know it. 😉

What is your current favorite book? (since I know we all have more than one 🙂 )

Ugh! It is so hard to choose…I guess the book I finished most recently that has stayed with me over the past couple weeks was, The Silent Waters by Brittainy Cherry. The girl can write!

Do you have any book signings coming up? (if so, when & where?)

I’m done for the year of 2016. I have several in 2017. I think I start with Authors in the City in Raleigh on 3/11.

What is one of your secret (or not so secret) obsessions?

Wine and Dark chocolate, and usually together. Give me a good book, a glass of red wine and a piece of dark chocolate, and I am as close to heaven on Earth as you can get.

Book Spotlight!

F*cking Awkward Holidays

25 Authors, Awkward Sex, Epic Cause!

– Synopsis – 

Holidays conjure up many thoughts – long, chilly nights snuggled up by the fire, bare feet tucked under the one you love. Some are hallmarks of summer when your skin is warmed by more than the sun. There is the after-Thanksgiving dinner nightcap, and the feel of the smooth, sultry burn of whiskey warming your chest, rendering your limbs heavy. Or lazy kisses and wandering hands beneath your best dress on a romantic Valentine’s Day date.

But sometimes, Grandma gets boozed up and passes out at the table, your brother gets caught rubbing one out under the fireworks, your kids catch mommy kissing Santa (and not on the lips), your special new toy winds up in the wrong gift bag, a goat steals and wears your sexy new thong and watching the ball drop takes on a whole new meaning.

In other words, the holidays can be magical, but sometimes, they’re also just f*cking awkward.

Special Foreword written by USA Today Bestselling Author, Tara Sivec’s dog, Fat Ralph.

TK Rapp

Author Interview & Spotlight

What inspired you to start writing?

When my husband was in the service and I was at home with my kids, I had a lot of time on my hands. I always wanted to write, and would sit down and start…only to stop. I’d password protect it with the intention of getting back to it. I wish I knew what I wrote because I’ve since lost those passwords. But anyway, when I turned 35, I told my husband I wanted to write a book and he said go for it. And I did. My first book was an absolute labor of love and I had so much fun doing it.

What is one thing you wish you knew before you published your first book?

To network. I met some awesome authors prior to writing and I was a fan. I never approached them as a “peer” because I was a fan first. To this day, I have not appealed to those authors because there’s a level of awesomeness to them that I don’t want to touch or appear to take advantage of. If that makes any sense. I was so eager to get out there that I published and pretty much learned as I went along. Oh, another thing I wish I knew about was critique partners. Damn! Those are great to have, especially if they don’t hold back, purely out of love and respect.

What is your current favorite book? (since I know we all have more than one 🙂 )

In The Band by Jean Haus. I’ve read it a few times and recently re-read it. It’s just one that I like to pick up from time to time.

Do you have any book signings coming up? (if so, when & where?)

Holidays with the Belles in Dallas!! I can’t wait! Their events are incredible and so much fun.

What is one of your secret (or not so secret) obsessions?

Supernatural. I mean, it was pretty serious before, but now that I have my daughters involved, it’s reached stupid levels. Like…I purchased SPN Con tickets for all three of us so we can meet them.

Book Spotlight!

Fumbled (The Girls of Beachmont, book 1)

Play ball!

– Synopsis – 

A good love story always begins the same way.

A chance meeting.

A sizzling look.

A flat tire…

Dani Miner could have been voted least likely to be a damsel in distress.

Tabor Hunter should have been voted most likely to do the rescuing.

So when Dani gets a flat tire on her way home one evening, she is, at first, less than thrilled to be helped out by a man that is clearly too charming for his own good. Even if he is handsome. And buff. And the king of the thousand watt smile.

However, prickly Dani is eventually charmed by her hottie knight in shining sunglasses. And a brief moment spent on the side of the road on a hot summer evening quickly leads to a first date.

But what Dani doesn’t realize is that she has just agreed to go out with the very famous defensive end for the San Diego Quakes. And Tabor is thrilled to finally meet a woman who doesn’t fall at his overly athletic feet. This year’s most valuable player is excited to have a chance to be an ordinary guy with a less than ordinary woman.

But being a celebrity can put a real kink in your love life and Dani, a woman used to a much quieter life, is soon caught up in the high paced world of fame and football.

Falling in love is easy. Falling in love with a sports star is another story.

Can Dani figure out how to play the game before she fumbles her chance at happiness?

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